Common Hotel Pests in Penang and How To Spot Them

The hospitality business can be challenging and tough to run. It can be hard to satisfy the customers, and when bugs are spotted inside a hotel room, the customers get angry and annoyed. They might not return to your hotel again, so it is essential to spot the bugs and get rid of them before losing your customers.

A bad reputation in your hotel can lead to your business’s loss, so it is best to take care of all the problems such as working with a pest control provider from Penang to take care of all th pests problems in the hotel.

Common hotel pests

Mice, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, and rats are the most common bugs found in hotel rooms. People often consume food in the hotel rooms, and various customers frequent the room, leading to pests and bugs in rooms.

If the hotel staff and authorities don’t take right precautionary measures, then hotel pests can cause a lot of damage to your hotel’s reputation. Here are some of the common pests spotted in hotel rooms.



Rats and rodents are some of the most dangerous bugs that are found in homes and hotel rooms. They sneak into the area without letting the owner know and cause a lot of damage to the property. They are responsible for causing various dangerous health risks to humans and also damage the walls and property.

How to spot rodents

Rice and mice leave a lot of evidence behind them, and if they have visited a spot, you can find a lot of signs of pests The best way is to train your hotel staff so that they can detect the infestation of mice and rats.

Taking the necessary precautions beforehand is important because that will help you get rid of them before they cause any severe damage to your customers or property.

Cockroaches and flies

The flies and cockroaches fly around the property, and their presence can leave a bad impression on the customers. The cockroaches and flies are attracted to food, and they lurk around the area to consume the leftover foods. They often come inside the hotel rooms riding on the luggage, and also invade the property through small openings and holes.

How to spot cockroaches and flies

Flies and cockroaches can be spotted easily if you have trained staff. If not, you can learn how to provide pest control training to your hotel staff in Penang. The flies can be easily spotted during the day and night as they lurk around food all the time. On the other hand, cockroaches can be challenging to spot as they hide and come out when there is dark. Cockroaches hide behind the walls and under the furniture.

They can also be spotted under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you want to spot the cockroaches, then you must inspect the kitchen and bathroom area.

Bed bugs

Due to increased travelers and less effective pest control methods, bed bugs appear in almost every hotel. It is essential to ensure that you use the right pest control methods to get rid of bed bugs. There are many tools like the bed bug registry that can help control the bed bugs before they cause any problems. It is critical to make sure that the right preventive measures are taken before the bed bugs cause damage your reputation.

How to spot bed bugs

Bed bugs lay at least 12 eggs in a day, so their presence can be spotted easily. The naked eyes can spot big adult bugs, so spotting them will not be an issue. The bed bugs are found under the furniture, under the bed, on the bed covers, under the sheets, and in corners of the room.

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