4 Ways Hotels Can Minimize Pest Control Expenditure

Pest control is one of the most critical tasks for all hotels. Customers will like to stay in such a clean hotel, and the environment is safe and secure. The hotel has to be clean and no matter it is the room, lobby, bathroom, restaurant, or even a bar. There are many facilities inside the hotel that need to be taken care of as pests can be harmful. It is a business, and if hotels don’t manage their employees, customers, contractors, and other people, it will put a bad image.

Businesses can only thrive if the hotels can put a good impression on their customers. The pest control activities should be carried out with safety, dealing with everything legally.

Hotels in Penang have to take care of the rules and regulations set for health, food safety, and environmental laws. Here are four tips hotels in Penang to minimize pest control expenditure.

Take care of pest management policy.

Hotels can take care of pest control by following a pest management policy. It is a concept that is used in many industries that were first adopted in the agricultural industry. There is a common approach to deal with pests, and this is an affordable option too.

Integrated pest management can control pests efficiently, and the best thing is that they don’t use any toxic chemicals for it. There is no doubt it is a safe option for customers and other staff members at the hotel.

Monitor and observe the hotel

Being a hotel owner has many duties, and monitoring the hotel for pests is an integral part. It would help if you also educated your staff so they can trace pests with everyday procedures. Room cleaners can check if there are any bugs or flees in the rooms as such things are often brought in by clients. The maintenance staff can take care of the potential areas from where mice, rats, bees, wasps, bed bugs and pigeons may enter.

The kitchen and staff members can take care of the kitchen and storeroom while the food serving area, especially around waste bins, should be checked. It will be easy to keep an eye on house, fruit, and drain flies and cockroaches.

Give priority to the prevention of pests.

The best way to control the pests is not to attract them into your hotel. Most of the pests are searching for food, so if they smell it around any area, they will come to eat it. The flies, cockroaches, and drips will come for decent meals anywhere they want to.

If the hotels can follow a good cleaning routine and take care of the food storage and disposal, it will prevent pests from coming in. The staff can take care of lighting, heating, and drainage as it is also essential to keep the pests and dangerous flies away. If there is a proper construction of floors, walls, and ceilings, it will prevent dust and mold buildup.

Take feedback from your customers.

Customer experience and reputation of the hotel are closely linked with each other. It would help if you listened to the feedback of your customers. If someone’s experience is not right, they will talk about it on social media, giving a lot of bad publicity.

Hotels should manage and turn the bad experience of their customers into good ones. If any of them complain about pests, you need to give it a thought and plan accordingly. The next important thing is to hire a pest control company to help out.

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