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Pest Control For Hotel in Penang – What’s The Cost?

Booking a pest control company in Penang are essential, especially if you are planning to venture into the hospitality business. The reputation of your business can get damaged if pests and bugs are found in your hotel rooms. If you want to make sure that your hotel business is a success, it is a great

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4 Ways Hotels Can Minimize Pest Control Expenditure

Pest control is one of the most critical tasks for all hotels. Customers will like to stay in such a clean hotel, and the environment is safe and secure. The hotel has to be clean and no matter it is the room, lobby, bathroom, restaurant, or even a bar. There are many facilities inside the

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Common Hotel Pests in Penang and How To Spot Them

The hospitality business can be challenging and tough to run. It can be hard to satisfy the customers, and when bugs are spotted inside a hotel room, the customers get angry and annoyed. They might not return to your hotel again, so it is essential to spot the bugs and get rid of them before

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