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Welcome To George Town City Hotel,Penang,Malaysia

George Town City Hotel is one of the best hotels in Penang,Malaysia. Our goal is to better serve guests with easy booking process. Our hotel rooms in Penang provide total convenience and comfort. We look into the finest detail for your complete ease and comfort. Check out our packages available below.

super single hotel room

Super Single Room

Providing great view of the city, the Super Single is equipped with modern amenities and beautifully designed for a comfortable yet affordable stay.

Junior Suite Room

Junior Suite

The Junior Suite offers modern amenities for an exquisite comfort featuring spacious living area and an ensuite bathroom with separate shower.

Superior Hotel Room

Superior Room

The Superior Room comes with modern amenities and personalized service to ensure a great stay experience for all guests, especially business travellers.

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Our Blog at Georgetown City Hotel

disinfection protocols for hotels

Common Disinfection Protocols For Hotels

This article is about the common disinfection protocols for hotels. You can find out the steps that are taken to thoroughly clean and sanitize hotel rooms, as well as how these steps have changed in recent decades. In this article, you will discover some of the sanitization procedures and techniques used in hotels, motels, and other short-term lodging establishments.

disinfect hotel

1. General hotel room disinfection procedures

Hotel room sanitization and disinfection is a very complicated process. There are many steps that must be followed to avoid breeding diseases such as strep throat, colds, flus, or certain types of viral hepatitis. Disinfectants used in hotels include both chlorine-based chemicals and phenolic compounds. Preservatives, such as thiocyanates or thio-hypo chlorite, are also used. Clorox is one type of disinfecting chemical that can be found in the guest rooms and public areas of a hotel.

2. Specialized metal items

In addition to using chlorine-based chemicals and phenolic compounds, the hotels will also use specialized metal items to disinfect their rooms. These pieces of equipment may include disposable tea bags, and the floor mats that are typically found in front of entrances. The purpose of using these items is to add a second line of defense against disease-causing microbes.

3. Recycled air system

The newest technique that is being used by hotels is recycled air system. With this type of system, the air that is taken out of a room will be filtered and then blown back into the room after an hour or so. The main purpose of using one of these systems is to prevent mold and mildew from growing in the guestrooms. This is especially true if the guest rooms contain a whirlpool or an air conditioner.

4. The process of sanitizing a hotel room

The procedure that is followed to give a room the best chance of being sanitized and disinfected properly involves cleaning the surfaces with soap and water, using a hypochlorite bleach solution in the sink and tub, wiping down bathroom fixtures with disinfectants such as rubbing alcohol or a phenolic compound, mopping the floor using an all-purpose cleaner, dusting the surfaces with talcum powder, and then applying a spray disinfectant to the walls and ceiling.

5. How often are hotel rooms sanitize?

In order to guarantee that a room is sanitized properly, it has to be done at least once a week. Most of the time, however, these rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. In order to maintain a high level of cleanliness for guest rooms and public areas in hotels, there are several people that have to work in conjunction with one another. These people include management, housekeeping services, and maintenance.

If you’re looking for a hotel to stay in, you should know the common disinfection protocols that are used. By understanding what is done to sanitize and clean rooms at hotels, motels, and other short-term lodging establishments, you’ll be better able to avoid illnesses like strep throat or colds when traveling. The more information about these practices that we can share with our readers here on this blog post will help us all become healthier travelers!

Pest Control For Hotel in Penang – What’s The Cost?

Booking a pest control company in Penang are essential, especially if you are planning to venture into the hospitality business. The reputation of your business can get damaged if pests and bugs are found in your hotel rooms.

If you want to make sure that your hotel business is a success, it is a great idea to book this professional pest control service in Penang to get rid of termites,bed bugs,ants,cockroaches and other types of pests infestations.

pest control specialist from Penang

This guide will elaborate on all the details about pest control services’ prices in Penang.

The average cost of pest control service in Penang

The average cost of the pest control service in Penang depends on a lot of factors. The average price may vary from RM200 to RM700, depending on the area of your property. If you want to hire a professional, then the services’ cheapest price might go up to RM500. The price can vary from region to region, and the area that is to be detected can also affect the price range.

You can get a free estimate from a pest control company in Penang before you begin your pest control job.

Factors That Affects The Price of Pest Control Treatments

Common household bugs like spiders, ants, flies, and cockroaches can be spotted easily by pest control professionals. Pests like rodents and termites can increase the price of pest control services in Penang as they can be harder to control, and advanced technologies and methods are used to control these pests. If you get a one-time visit, then the price might be RM300 to RM550.

Pest control services’ prices are usually high because it takes time and effort to assess the situation and control the pests. It is best to get a periodic visit from the pest control professionals because that will cost around RM40 to RM50 every month. If you do a quarterly contract with the service providers, you might even get free treatment if a certain problem crops up.

Does the location of the place affect the Price of Pest Control Services?

The region and the location of the place matter a lot. If the home is located in a remote area, then the service charges may include the costs of transportation prices. The wealthy neighborhoods are usually spacious and large, so that the pest control services can be higher in those areas.

The coverage of the area is enormous, so the prices charged will also be higher. The homeowners that come within the standard service areas will not be charged any transportation fees.

How to Find the Best Price For Pest Control in Penang

It is essential to consider searching for reviews about different pest control services n Penang like you shop for other things. The best places to research for the best service providers are to look for them online. There are many online review sites where people share their views about the pest control service providers’ services and prices.

You can also check out the official website of the service providers to find out more about them. There are millions of reviews online, and you can compare reviews of different companies to shortlist the best ones.

That’s all you got to know about the price for hiring a pest control service in Penang. If you have questions, feel free to comment below and let us know what

4 Ways Hotels Can Minimize Pest Control Expenditure

Pest control is one of the most critical tasks for all hotels. Customers will like to stay in such a clean hotel, and the environment is safe and secure. The hotel has to be clean and no matter it is the room, lobby, bathroom, restaurant, or even a bar. There are many facilities inside the hotel that need to be taken care of as pests can be harmful. It is a business, and if hotels don’t manage their employees, customers, contractors, and other people, it will put a bad image.

Businesses can only thrive if the hotels can put a good impression on their customers. The pest control activities should be carried out with safety, dealing with everything legally.

Hotels in Penang have to take care of the rules and regulations set for health, food safety, and environmental laws. Here are four tips hotels in Penang to minimize pest control expenditure.

Take care of pest management policy.

Hotels can take care of pest control by following a pest management policy. It is a concept that is used in many industries that were first adopted in the agricultural industry. There is a common approach to deal with pests, and this is an affordable option too.

Integrated pest management can control pests efficiently, and the best thing is that they don’t use any toxic chemicals for it. There is no doubt it is a safe option for customers and other staff members at the hotel.

Monitor and observe the hotel

Being a hotel owner has many duties, and monitoring the hotel for pests is an integral part. It would help if you also educated your staff so they can trace pests with everyday procedures. Room cleaners can check if there are any bugs or flees in the rooms as such things are often brought in by clients. The maintenance staff can take care of the potential areas from where mice, rats, bees, wasps, bed bugs and pigeons may enter.

The kitchen and staff members can take care of the kitchen and storeroom while the food serving area, especially around waste bins, should be checked. It will be easy to keep an eye on house, fruit, and drain flies and cockroaches.

Give priority to the prevention of pests.

The best way to control the pests is not to attract them into your hotel. Most of the pests are searching for food, so if they smell it around any area, they will come to eat it. The flies, cockroaches, and drips will come for decent meals anywhere they want to.

If the hotels can follow a good cleaning routine and take care of the food storage and disposal, it will prevent pests from coming in. The staff can take care of lighting, heating, and drainage as it is also essential to keep the pests and dangerous flies away. If there is a proper construction of floors, walls, and ceilings, it will prevent dust and mold buildup.

Take feedback from your customers.

Customer experience and reputation of the hotel are closely linked with each other. It would help if you listened to the feedback of your customers. If someone’s experience is not right, they will talk about it on social media, giving a lot of bad publicity.

Hotels should manage and turn the bad experience of their customers into good ones. If any of them complain about pests, you need to give it a thought and plan accordingly. The next important thing is to hire a pest control company to help out.

Common Hotel Pests

Common Hotel Pests in Penang and How To Spot Them

The hospitality business can be challenging and tough to run. It can be hard to satisfy the customers, and when bugs are spotted inside a hotel room, the customers get angry and annoyed. They might not return to your hotel again, so it is essential to spot the bugs and get rid of them before losing your customers.

A bad reputation in your hotel can lead to your business’s loss, so it is best to take care of all the problems such as working with a pest control provider from Penang to take care of all th pests problems in the hotel.

Common hotel pests

Mice, cockroaches, flies, bed bugs, and rats are the most common bugs found in hotel rooms. People often consume food in the hotel rooms, and various customers frequent the room, leading to pests and bugs in rooms.

If the hotel staff and authorities don’t take right precautionary measures, then hotel pests can cause a lot of damage to your hotel’s reputation. Here are some of the common pests spotted in hotel rooms.



Rats and rodents are some of the most dangerous bugs that are found in homes and hotel rooms. They sneak into the area without letting the owner know and cause a lot of damage to the property. They are responsible for causing various dangerous health risks to humans and also damage the walls and property.

How to spot rodents

Rice and mice leave a lot of evidence behind them, and if they have visited a spot, you can find a lot of signs of pests The best way is to train your hotel staff so that they can detect the infestation of mice and rats.

Taking the necessary precautions beforehand is important because that will help you get rid of them before they cause any severe damage to your customers or property.

Cockroaches and flies

The flies and cockroaches fly around the property, and their presence can leave a bad impression on the customers. The cockroaches and flies are attracted to food, and they lurk around the area to consume the leftover foods. They often come inside the hotel rooms riding on the luggage, and also invade the property through small openings and holes.

How to spot cockroaches and flies

Flies and cockroaches can be spotted easily if you have trained staff. If not, you can learn how to provide pest control training to your hotel staff in Penang. The flies can be easily spotted during the day and night as they lurk around food all the time. On the other hand, cockroaches can be challenging to spot as they hide and come out when there is dark. Cockroaches hide behind the walls and under the furniture.

They can also be spotted under the kitchen and bathroom sinks. If you want to spot the cockroaches, then you must inspect the kitchen and bathroom area.

Bed bugs

Due to increased travelers and less effective pest control methods, bed bugs appear in almost every hotel. It is essential to ensure that you use the right pest control methods to get rid of bed bugs. There are many tools like the bed bug registry that can help control the bed bugs before they cause any problems. It is critical to make sure that the right preventive measures are taken before the bed bugs cause damage your reputation.

How to spot bed bugs

Bed bugs lay at least 12 eggs in a day, so their presence can be spotted easily. The naked eyes can spot big adult bugs, so spotting them will not be an issue. The bed bugs are found under the furniture, under the bed, on the bed covers, under the sheets, and in corners of the room.

Learn How to Check for Bed Bugs in a Hotel

Most of the hotels out there have to deal with problems created by bed bugs. That’s because guests can easily bring in bed bugs to your hotel. This is where you should have a clear understanding of how to inspect for bed bugs in a hotel.

If you are a hotel owner or a part of the management, these bed bug inspection tips will assist you to ensure that there are no bed bugs to disrupt your customers. If you are a guest, you can follow these tips and ensure that you are not taking bed bugs home along with you after staying at the hotel.

Inspect the bed frame

Inspect the bed frame and mattress

One of the most effective methods available to check for bed bugs is to inspect the mattress and bed frame. If there are bed bugs, you will be able to see them. It is even better if you can move the bed from the wall and check the areas behind it. You will also need to take a look at all the small cracks, carvings, joints, corners, and crevices in your hotel.

That’s because bed bugs usually prefer to live in such places. You may also inspect bedding. This includes fitted sheets, duvet covers, and the pillowcases that you have in the room.

Inspect the bedside cabinets

Bed bugs can also live in the cabinets that you have placed beside the bed. Therefore, it is important to proceed with inspecting the cabinets as well. You will need to look inside the drawers because you can often see bed bugs living in such areas. You should also inspect underneath and behind the bedside cabinet as well.

If you can inspect the lamps, ornaments, and picture frames, you will be able to end up getting the best results with discovering bed bugs.

Throws, chairs, and sofa

Bed bugs are usually getting attracted to the carbon dioxide produced by humans. Therefore, it is possible to see the presence of bed bugs in areas where humans spend their time. That’s why you should inspect for bed bugs in throws, chairs, and sofa within the hotel rooms. You can carefully remove cushions and proceed with your inspection.

While you do it, you should pay extra attention to the areas in the crevices and joints. You should also remove the covers from cushions and look for corners, seams, and zips for the presence of bed bugs.

These are the most effective bed bug inspection methods. If you are a guest, you should also take a look at your luggage before leaving the hotel room. Then you can ensure that you are not taking bed bugs home along with you.

After noticing the presence of bed bugs, you can take appropriate steps to get rid of their presence. By seeking the assistance of an expert pest extermination company, you will be able to effectively get rid of the frustration created by bed bugs in hotels.

Pest Control Tips Hotel Management

Pest Control Tips for Hotel Management

It is the responsibility of hotel management to ensure that there are no pests living inside the hotel premises. Otherwise, you will be creating a negative impression on the minds of all guests who come to your hotel.

This can give life to a variety of negative consequences in the long run as well. Here are some useful and effective pest control tips that hotel management can keep in mind to control pests.

Understand the different types of pests that you are mostly dealing with

As the very first thing, you should have a clear understanding of the different types of pests that you are mostly dealing with. Your pest control methods should be a focus on them. For example, most of the hotels are dealing with the struggles caused by bed bugs. In such situations, you should learn how to control bed bug infestations in the most effective manner.

Some other types of pests include rodents, ants, cockroaches, and birds. No matter what the pests are, you should focus on the specific methods available to get rid of them.

Provide pest control training to your hotel staff

One of the most effective methods available to get rid of pests is to provide appropriate training to your staff. Then everyone working for your hotel will be able to work effectively to get rid of pests. It is also possible for you to develop a pest management strategy and ensure that all your staff members align with it.

Adhere to the housekeeping and food services best practices

Some of the mistakes you do can lead you to a pest infestation. Therefore, it is important to adhere to the best practices in housekeeping and food services at all times. It will help you to reduce the mistakes that you would do.

There are numerous guides that you can follow and get to know about the basics of housekeeping and food services. Take your time to learn about them and make sure that you adhere to them at all times.

Don’t delay addressing problems

When you come across a problem with pests, you should never delay addressing it. You should consider it as a priority because the pest problem can badly damage the reputation of your hotel. Make sure that you focus on the issue and take appropriate steps to address it as soon as possible.

Get the help of an expert pest control company

If you notice a problem with pests, you will need to get in touch with an expert pest extermination company as soon as possible. Professional pest extermination companies have a clear understanding of how to help you with controlling your pest problem. Hence, you can get in touch with them and ask them to provide the assistance you want.

Keep these pest control tips in mind and you will be able to keep your hotel premises free from pests at all times.

The Importance of Pest Control Training for Your Hotel Staff

Guests who come to your hotel trust the experience you deliver and check-in. If you fail to deliver that experience to the guests, you will not be able to keep your business sustainable. One of the biggest problems that guests encounter when spending nights at hotels is the pest problem. That’s why it is important for you to pay special attention to the pest problems and make sure that there is no possibility for pests to live within your hotel.

Numerous methods are available out there for you to keep pests away from your hotel such as hiring a pest control company. Out of those methods, providing pest control training for your hotel staff is one of the best things that you can do. Here are some of the reasons that highlight the importance of offering pest control training for all your staff members.

You can get rid of pests as soon as possible

When your hotel staff has a clear understanding of how to deal with pests, you will be able to take control over pest problems before they become major issues. That’s because your hotel staff will have a clear understanding of the signs that indicate the presence of pests. Since your hotel staff is moving here and there throughout the hotel premises throughout the day, you should provide pest control training to the entire staff. Then all of them will be able to look for the signs and confirm the presence of pests immediately after there’s a problem. Hence, you can address the problem and make sure that you don’t allow it to get worse. This will help you to keep on delivering the best experiences to all your customers.

Your hotel staff can make sure that there is no favorable environment for pests to live.

Some of the mistakes done by hotel staff can create an ideal environment for a pest problem. But when your staff is aware of pest problems, you can make sure that no staff member is making any such mistake. This will also contribute a lot towards keeping your hotel premises away from pests at all times.

You can get the staff to deal with pest problems

If your hotel staff has a good understanding of the basic pest control methods, you will be able to get their assistance to get rid of pests. This will help you to refrain from hiring pest control services. That’s because your staff will ensure that there is no favorable environment within your hotel for the pests to live.

These are the main reasons why you need to provide pest control training for all your hotel staff members. Keep these benefits in mind and invest your money in offering good pest control training. Then you can keep on experiencing all the benefits as stated above in the long run. This will also contribute a lot to the reputation of your hotel.

Signs That Your Hotel May Have a Pest Problem

If you are the owner or an operation manager of a hotel, you need to make sure that your hotel is free from pests at all times. Otherwise, you will fail to deliver the best experiences to the customers who come for stays at your hotel. This is where you should have a clear understanding of the signs that indicate you are dealing with a pest problem. Take a look at the following signs and start looking for them in your hotel.

  • Shed skin on floors

Some of the pests will shed their skin regularly with time. If there are such pests at home, you will notice shed skin on floors, window sills, or shelving. You should ask the cleaning staff of your hotel to be mindful of this. Then you will be able to figure out a problem with nests immediately. Depending on the signs of shed skin, you will be able to exactly tell the type of pests that have invaded your hotel. For example, if you can see discarded wings, you are dealing with a problem caused by ants or termites.

  • Pet droppings

If there are pests in the hotel, you will be able to see their droppings behind the appliances. You will also be able to see them in closets and cabinets. If there is an attic, you can inspect it regularly for pest droppings because you will mostly be able to see droppings there. Likewise, you will also need to take a look at all other crawl spaces of your hotel and ensure that no pests are living within the property.

  • Damages to structures or furniture

Pests will not just live peacefully within your hotel. Instead, they will cause damages to the different structures that you have. In other words, you will be able to see damages in the walls, structures, furniture, woodwork, and other equipment located inside the hotel. If you notice any such damages on your own, or if any of your guests complain, you should immediately attend to it and check if there are pests.

  • Small blood specks and brown spots

Most of the hotels are dealing with the problem created by bed bugs. If there are bed bugs in your hotel, you will be able to see small blood specks or brown spots on the bedsheets. Bed bugs will also leave behind discarded skin. On top of that, your guests will complain that they are dealing with bed bug symptoms. Hence, you should immediately address the problem.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you are delivering the best experience to all the guests who come to spend their time at your hotel. You will not be able to deliver such an experience in the presence of pests. That’s why you should keep an eye on these signs indicating the presence of pests within your hotel. If you can see one or more of these signs, you should address the pest problem immediately.

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