Explore Penang from the Berjaya

04 February 2008 by Teguh Sudarisman, Garuda Magazine (Indonesia)
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Explore Penang from the Berjaya


There aren't many places in Malaysia that offer interesting tourism venues, great business opportunities, and health care services all in one location, but Penang is just such a place.


As well as its white sand beaches, fascinating old buildings, and unique culinary heritage, Penang is famous for its quality medical services, with state-of-the-art treatment technology and highly skilled medical personnel. It's no wonder that many Indonesians choose Penang for their medical care, especially people from nearby Medan and Aceh.

The Berjaya Georgetown Hotel is an ideal "base camp" from which to explore Penang for tourism, do business, or maintain your health. It is strategically located at 1 Stop Midlands Park, a complex comprising a hotel, condominium, offices, shopping center, and food and entertainment center. Just 15 minutes from the airport, the Berjaya is also walking distance from Adventis Hospital, one of Penang's most prestigious hospitals, and the Indonesian Consulate General.

As well as a gym, swimming pool and spa, the hotel also has The Café, a 24-hour coffee house with a local and international menu, The Bar, where you can relax after your busy day, and vehicles always standing by near the lobby to take you on a tour around Penang. The Midlands complex also includes a bowling alley. For meetings, apart from six smaller meeting rooms, the Berjaya Ballroom can accommodate up to 1500 persons for a standing party.

To anticipate the needs of its guests, the 323-room hotel is undergoing gradual renovation, continually adding new facilities. So whether you're coming for health care, business, or just a holiday, the Berjaya Georgetown Hotel is the perfect place to stay when you visit Penang.

Berjaya Georgetown Hotel
1-Stop Midlands Park, Burmah Road,
10350 Georgetown, Penang, Malaysia
Tel: +60 4 227 7111, Fax: +60 4 226 7111
Email: bgh@b-georgetown.com.my

"Courtesy from Garuda - The Magazine of Garuda Indonesia"